Architecture in Aarhus - a world of detail

Aarhus has many architectural pearls and this course goes into depth with 8 buildings and city spaces by visiting them and understanding them via their ‘detail universe’. You will get insights into 8 well-known ‘works’ in Aarhus that characterise both old and new architecture in the city. Each session contains an overall on-site story of the work, the architect, and the time and place, as well as a closer examination of the experience of the work through its materials, details and fixtures. In addition, threads from the individual works will be drawn out and woven into the other works in order to give a larger and more comprehensive picture of the architecture in Aarhus.


1. Aarhus City Hall – really for the people


2. DOKK 1 – the city’s meeting place


3. Aarhus Theatre, Toldboden – what Hack Kampmann could


4. Back Yard Aarhus – the block structure and its hidden treasure


5. Frederiksbjerg School – a new kind of school


6. Aarhus University and the University Park – buildings in the landscape


7. ‘Godbanen’ (the freight train station) and the area around it – old and new stories together


8. Moesgaard Museum – arriving in the present


Shelley is an architect, researcher and teacher. She has degrees in design, architecture and urbanism from Ryerson University in Toronto, and from the Aarhus Architecture School, and has practiced and taught architecture in both Canada and Denmark for over 30 years. As an architectural communicator, she has exhibited and published internationally as well as making films. Her interests are centered around the experiences of our physical environment.




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Tir 01.06.2021 15:00-16:50

Shelley Smith




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