Creativity - overcoming the fear of starting

This course addresses how hard it can be to ‘be creative’ – how difficult it is to confront the empty page. By completely ignoring it (yes!) and focusing on materials, tools, methods, elements and by playing our way forward, you will gain confidence and a toolbox that makes it fun and easy to get started, and to stay in the creative flow. We will experiment and create each session.

1. Introductions.  Getting to know lots of materials, tools and methods. And doing lots of exercises to explore them. Voilà! Mini creations.

2. Making choices. Various elements of creative expression are presented and broken down so that it becomes easier to make decisions about formats and content, and to understand what stories they tell.

3. Finding treasure. Working big and small at the same time. This is all about learning to see.

4. Reuse. There are no mistakes and nothing is wasted. Here we find uses for what was discarded and repurpose it to create a book for further creative work. Materials included (200, - DKK)


Shelley is an architect, researcher and teacher. She has degrees in design, architecture and urbanism from Ryerson University in Toronto, and from the Aarhus Architecture School. She has over 25 years of experience teaching architecture and workshops that tap into creativity – often in unusual and surprising ways. Her focus is on bringing to the surface and activating the creative potential we all have inside of us.


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Første mødegang
Ons 26.05.2021 15:00-17:45

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Ons 16.06.2021 15:00-17:45

Shelley Smith

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