Do you want to be memorable? Tell a story! If you want to interest people in what you tell, you need to create an emotional connection with them. We love stories and identify with others through the stories they tell us. 

Having a good story is the key to connecting with your audience, but your success doesn't just depend on a good story, you need to know how to tell it. Words are important to communicate, but body language is more powerful than your words. 

The main focus of this workshop is to develop your potential in the art of storytelling and communicating with the public. 

In these 8 meetings, we will do exercises to: 

  • Scenic Presence - how to be present and call the public's attention to what you want to tell; 
  • Body expression - my body speaks! 
  • Voice possibilities - explore your voice; 
  • Make your story unforgettable - Connect it with emotions.


Audience: Professor, teachers, salespeople, speakers, and anyone interested in the art of storytelling. More than 16 years old. 

Method: Practical classes. 


Juliana Appel is an actress and storyteller, graduated in Art Education from the University of Joinville and with a Postgraduate degree in Art Teaching, from FAP, Brazil. She received training at The International Commedia School, a physical drama school in Copenhagen. She has over 16 years of experience in teaching drama, narrative and body language. In 2019, she did the body language preparation for TEDxAarhus speakers. You can follow Juliana at Acting For Fun Aarhus


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Man 25.10.2021 16:30-18:20

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Man 13.12.2021 16:30-18:20

Juliana Appel

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